Black Rhodium Cables

Black Rhodium is a British cable manufacturer that champions the use of British manufactured cables in almost all of their audio products. They are hand made in Derby, England. Some are hand-made in the US in Mobile, AL using Black Rhodium UK standards. We are the exclusive US/Canada Distributor of Black Rhodium Cables. BR is sold in 25 overseas countries. We provide high end cable connections to create the Utopian link an audiophile is craving for. Whether its analogue or digital, we have the correct connection.

Black Rhodium Cables

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Black Rhodium Announces the Launch of Overture Stereo Interconnect

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The special design features of OVERTURE include:
High Purity Silver wire
Air and low loss PTFE insulation for very low levels of dielectric absorption
Mechanical Vibration Suppression Materials used in Construction
Conductors wired in opposing direction for lower noise floor
Twisted conductors for low RFI, with additional RFI suppression
Advanced high optical coverage screening braid
High quality rhodium plated connectors
Hand built at the Black Rhodium factory in Derby